Won’t it be great when these buttons do things?

robotshopforwebHere’s a shot of my old workshop.

Thanks for pushing buttons.  Hopefully they will do more soon.


5 thoughts on “Won’t it be great when these buttons do things?

  1. Good Day,
    Saw your work in Ottawa Hospital, where can i find some stuff your makind for sale?
    I would really like to get a little robot like your front page.
    Im a Tig welder and Metal Fabricator myself.
    I would like to talk to you about a Special Project..


    1. Hey Frank!
      I should have replied to this a while ago! I sent you an email, but am never sure if these things go through, so figured I’d respond here. Thanks for taking time to check out the show at the Civic. I’m glad it got noticed! Gimme a shout if you still have ideas. I definitely take commissions.

  2. Hello there Tom!

    I was wondering the same things as Frank!

    Do you have items for sale, or work on a commission basis only?

    I’d love to own some of your Art.

    That head/face sculpture that you made for the band Hanzel Und Greytl shown in the main menu is stunning.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Dan!
      I have a selection of things available on the website here. The Purchase tab takes you to my Etsy site. Everything that I have for sale is there.
      I certainly do take commissions. Some of the best ideas come from a different perspective. If you have something in mind gimme a shout. I like meeting for coffee.

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